This list will be updated to include more events in the spring and fall seasons as well as more details on events listed below so keep checking back for more information! (Last update: 4/10/12)

MARCH 31: EASTER FESTIVAL AND CRAFT FAIR.  11 am to 4 pm at the Island Community Center (which is located in the gym building behind the old Stonington Elementary School, School St., on hill above Opera House). Lots of fun Easter events for kids, craft tables, food vendors. For more information call 266-5113 or 367-2342.

APRIL 7: MAPLEFEST – BLUEBERRY PANCAKE BREAKFAST. 8 am to 10 am at Lily’s Cafe, Route 15, Stonington. Featuring local blueberries and local maple syrup!

MAY 18 – 20: WINGS, WAVES, AND WOODS. Learn more about the island’s birds, our recreational lands, and art in this three-day celebration of our fine feathered friends. Walks, bird watching, workshops, boat excursions, art classes, and more! For more information call (207) 348-2455 or visit:  Sponsored by the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce, Island Heritage Trust, and Maine Audobon Society. Call (207) 348-2455

JUNE 15 – 17: LUPINE FESTIVAL. Wide variety of activities on land and sea for all ages in Deer Isle and Stonington over three days. Link to last year’s schedule gives you a good idea of what to expect for this year’s festivities: Sponsored by the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce. Call 348-6124 for more information.

JUNE 17: PAUL SULLIVAN AND FRIENDS IN CONCERT. The Grammy award-winning musician, once of Peter, Paul, & Mary fame, will entertain us with a wide variety of music and conversation with friends. At the Stonington Opera House. For more information call (207) 367-2788 or visit their web site at:

JULY 4: FIREWORKS OVER STONINGTON HARBOR. Head down to the harbor or hop on a boat at dusk to watch the fireworks being lit off in the harbor. Sponsored by the Towns of Stonington and Deer Isle, Presented by the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce.

JULY 5 – 8: VAUDEVILLE SHOWS. Celebrate the Stonington Opera Houses’ 100th anniversary by watching professionals and locals recreate the 1912 vaudeville show that thrilled audiences in the building’s first year. For more information call (207) 367-2788 or visit their website at:

JULY 15: STONINGTON LOBSTER BOAT RACES. Head down to the Fish Pier downtown or hop on a boat and watch some of the fastest lobster boats on the coast of Maine strut their stuff in a series of races just outside of Stonington Harbor. Food vendors and other activities are also being planned so stay tuned for more information!

JULY 22: STONINGTON FISHERMEN’S DAY! Come on downtown for the town’s annual celebration of the men and women of the commercial fishing industry. A wide variety of seafood vendors, crafts, food, kid’s activities, and more! Sponsored by the Island Fishermen’s Wives Association.

JULY 22: ANTIQUE & FINE CRAFT FESTIVAL. 10 am to 4 pm at Edgewood Farm in Deer Isle. Featuring Stonington craftsmen! Call Kyra at 367-5878 for more information.

JULY 28: Part of the summer long celebration of the 100th ANNIVERSARY OF THE OPERA HOUSE will be a parade on Main St. downtown of the salsa like band “Batacuda” and workshops. Stay tuned for details!

AUGUST 2 – 4: DEER ISLE JAZZ FESTIVAL. Events at the Stonington Opera House include a film with panel discussion, and a couple of concerts. For more information call (207) 367-2788 or visit their website at Sponsored in part by the National Endowment of the Arts and Arts Midwest.


As part of the Maine State Office of Tourism’s 2012 “Maine Maritime Heritage” celebrations, Stonington will be offering several opportunities to join in on the state-wide celebration this summer.

BURT DOW, DEEP WATER MAN – An original play based on Robert McCloskey’s beloved children’s story, sold out in its original run two years ago, will be offered both weekends by Opera House Arts. Call (207) 267-2788 or visit their website at for more information.

OTHER EVENTS – Other events are still in the planning stages for both weekends. Will include all sorts of marine recreational and boat excursion opportunities, seafood, and more. Stay tuned. Sponsored by to the Town of Stonington, Economic Development Dept. To participate in the planning or for more information please call the town office at (207) 367-2351.

AUGUST 24: INGRID MICHAELSON, renowned pop musician, and friends will be appearing in concert one night only at the Opera House. Advance tickets available by calling the box office at (207) 367-2788.

AUGUST 24 – 27: STONINGTON SEAFOOD FESTIVAL This is a new event that is still in the planning stages. Celebrate Stonington’s famous seafood and seafood products – lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops, shrimp, and oysters – through sampling foods by local vendors and at local restaurants. Find out why some of the world’s finest and most famous chefs insist on using only Stonington seafood in their dishes. Planning is underway so stay tuned for more details! In conjunction with events (including performance by the steel drum band “Flash in the Pan”) being planned for the 10th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF THE ISLAND COMMUNITY CENTER.

SEPTEMBER 14 – 16: LIGHTHOUSE TRAIL WEEKEND. Visit the area’s 8 lighthouses by land and by sea! Boat excursions and more. For more information call (207) 348-2455 or check out last year’s listings at:  2011 Lighthouse Weekend Brochure part 1, 2011 Lighthouse Weekend Brochure part 2. Sponsored by the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce.

SEPTEMBER 28-30: LOCAL FOODS FESTIVAL. Celebrate local foods and great local cooking at this weekend-long festival in Stonington and Deer Isle still being planned. Call (207) 348-2455 for more information or visit the Deer Isle-Stonington Chamber of Commerce’s website. Sponsored by the Chamber.

DECEMBER 8: STONINGTON HOLIDAY FAIR. At the Island Community Center. A huge array of gifts for all ages and income levels will be available from dozens of local craftsmen, jewelers, seafood dealers, artists and others as well great food vendors for food to eat at the fair or take home. Sponsored by the Town of Stonington Economic Development Dept. For more information please call (207) 367-2351.



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