Where to buy Stonington Seafood

Stonington is Maine’s #1 commercial fishing port and is the heart of Maine’s lobster industry.

Stonington lobster is the best tasting lobster in the world because of our crystal clear waters, perfect ocean temperatures, granite ocean floor, and high quality handling and sorting practices. Our fishermen exclusively use sustainable harvest methods.

Not a fan of cooking and picking out lobster meat? Some of our retailers and wholesalers now offer picked out lobster meat! Crab meat is almost exclusively sold already picked out for you. Want to try something new? Plump, smoked mussels is just one suggestion!

Stonington also offers other local seafood including crab, clams, scallops, shrimp, mussels, and oysters. Though most products are seasonal to some degree, all can be obtained at any time of year. Pick up some for dinner, have it shipped anywhere in the world, or order large amounts for your event, business, or restaurant!


Greenhead Lane, Stonington. 367-0950 locally or 1-888-756-2783 toll-free. Features live lobster caught by local fishermen. Fresh lobsters come in off the boats every day except Sunday. You can come by Greenhead Lobster just to pick up some lobsters every day, except Sunday, 8 am to 2 pm or call them to have fresh lobsters sent to you or a gift recipient anywhere in the world. Wholesale orders also accepted. Open year round. www.greenheadlobster.com


Indian Point Road, Stonington. (207) 367-2286 and 1-800-315-6625. Features live lobsters caught by local fishermen. Open six days a week (closed on Sunday). Both lobsters to pick up and to ship around the world. Wholesale orders also accepted. Open year round.


100 North Main St/Route 15, Stonington. 367-2400 locally or 1-888-402-2729 toll-free. Stonington Sea Products is your one stop shop for seafood. Live lobsters, fresh picked crab as well as lobster meat, fresh shucked clams and clams still in the shell waiting to be steamed, smoked mussels, scallops, and an amazing variety of fresh fish from here and away. Open year round. Open six days a week in season, Thursday – Saturday off-season. Pick up at the shop or have delivered to you world-wide. Wholesale orders also accepted.


534 Oceanville Road, Stonington. 367-5871. Open year round, 7 days a week, 8 am to 4 pm but call for hours. Sells clams (both shucked and in the shell), their own locally farm raised oysters, smoked Maine mussels, and fresh picked Stonington crab meat. Pick up at the shop or call to have delivered around the country. Wholesale orders accepted.


24 Carter Lane, off the Oceanville Road (just a half-minute from Route 15!). Open 7 days a week 10 – 4. (207) 367-0900.

Fresh fish, clams, mussels, shrimp, and lobsters!


Green Head, Stonington. (207) 367-2416. Ingrid selects the highest quality seafood and ships it out to discerning customers, famous chefs, and others with exquisite tastes via express mail. Open year round.


Seabreeze Ave., Stonington. (207) 367-5020 or 1-800-220-8484 and http://www.littlebaylobster.com/

Fresh lobster is brought into the dock at Little Bay every day! Wholesale orders for all domestic locations accepted!


Fifield Point Rd., Stonington. (207) 367-2313


Rte 15A, Burnt Cove, West Stonington. 367-2681. Stonington’s local supermarket stocks local seafood throughout the year. Open 7 days a week, year round.


One thought on “Where to buy Stonington Seafood

  1. I always buy from Captain Perley Frazier and his wife Caty from their “Lobster Shack”. 207-367-5059 to preorder. During season they are at the Stonington Farmers Market on Friday from 10AM to Noon but it’s great that you can call them any time and order throughout the year. They’ll even ship to their “regulars” and you can be sure their seafood is fresh caught.

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